Tallahassee ParrotHead Club
Welcome to the Tallahassee ParrotHead Club
Where we "Party with a Purpose!"

  Monthly Charities
January: Going Places Street Outreach
February: American Heart Association

                                                 A ParrotHead Poem

We Walk for Alzheimer’s and Cancer too.

We Party like a Pirate just to name a few.

We clean up your beaches, we collect Toys for Tots but that is not a lot.

We collect dog and cat supplies for local shelters and hold 50/50 raffles for the Charity of the month.

Don’t want to join us?  It is a lot of fun!

`Submitted by Karolyn

Important Notice

The Tallahassee ParrotHead Club is an equal-opportunity, non-exclusive, non-political, non-commercial social organization. We consider all faiths and beliefs to be private matters beyond the scope of our charter. Therefore, we strictly limit our public activities to aiding charities and performing community service. We do not offer ourselves as a forum for any venture or call-to-action not related to our core mission.

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